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Our sprinkler fitters have the knowledge and technical skills to handle projects of all sizes. From small office renovations, to large warehouse and storage facilities, Triangle's expert field technicians are experienced and handle each project with care and attention to detail.


Triangle believes that a successful project begins

with a comprehensive design and detailed project

coordination. Our field technicians are constantly

in contact with our designers and project

managers to ensure the sprinkler systems are

installed in a safe, efficient, and clean manor.

We work at all kinds of facilities including but not 

limited to:

  • Office Buildings

  • Schools

  • Residences

  • Hotels

  • Warehouses

  • Power Plants

  • Aircraft Hangars

  • Military Bases

Each facility comes with its own unique sprinkler system needs. That's why our installers are trained in the installation of many different types of sprinkler systems and related components:


  • Wet Pipe Systems

  • Dry Pipe Systems

  • Pre-Action Systems

  • Deluge Systems

  • Multimatic Systems

  • Foam-Water Systems

  • Underground Fire Mains

  • Hydrant & Control Valves

  • Fire Pumps

  • Fire Pump Houses

  • Water Storage Tanks 

Take a look at our High Expansion Foam Sprinkler System Test for an aircraft hangar at the Fort Indiantown Gap!

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