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Design & Engineering


At Triangle Fire Protection, we have a complete

team of NICET certified designers, and an

in-house Professional Engineer that work to identify

the best sprinkler system solution for your facility.

Whether it's a renovation project, or a new

construction project, we know the importance of

a thorough, detail-orientated design to meet code

requirements and to fit in your budget.

Every project is unique. That's why we begin each

renovation project with an on-site evaluation to

better understand the existing conditions and to

determine the best approach for modifying the

sprinkler system.

For new projects, we are constantly collaborating

with other trades to improve project efficiency

and to avoid potential conflicts during the installation.

We use BIM (Building Information Modeling) in

association with our AutoSPRINK software to assist

in project coordination.

Warehouse storage presents a unique challenge. Our estimators and designers work with you and your insurance carrier to determine a sprinkler system solution for the commodities being stored at your facility. We examine industry standard options including CMDA, CMSA, and ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) sprinkler systems. Our designers perform several hydraulic calculations to determine which type of system yields the best, most cost effective results. In addition, we also examine new and innovative design approaches to decrease costs while still providing NFPA and FM Global compliant systems.

Our design team provides all of the documents needed for submittal to the local township, insurance carrier, or AHJ.

  • Engineered Shop Drawings

  • Hydraulic Calculations

  • Product Submittals

  • Professional Engineer Certification / Seal

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