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The sprinkler system at your facility is the most effective life safety equipment in a fire scenario. Triangle Fire Protection believes that a system is only as effective and reliable as the inspection, testing, and maintenance that is performed on a regular basis.

Along with increased system reliability, regular inspections and maintenance will prolong the life of your system, lowering potential replacement costs in the future.

Our detailed sprinkler inspections are in compliance with NFPA 25 (Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems), as well as local code requirements, and your specific needs. Our inspectors are NICET and Confined Space certified, allowing our inspectors to inspect backflow preventers and other system components located in underground pits in accordance with OSHA safety standards.

Triangle's knowledgeable team can inspect all types of sprinkler systems and components including but not limited to:

  • Wet Pipe Systems

  • Dry Pipe Systems

  • Pre-Action Systems

  • Deluge Systems

  • Multimatic Systems

  • Foam-Water Systems

  • Backflow Preventers

  • Standpipe Systems

  • Fire Pump Performance Testing

  • Water Storage Tanks

  • Private Fire Hydrants

  • Underground Sectional Control Valves

  • Alarm Testing

Contact our Inspection Manager:  717-241-9662 x 105
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